We’ve into bigger digs to make room for our growing family. Unfortunately, that no more Diyode, just when I finally have the space to put it to better use 🙁

Along with my already established motion sensor monitor project, I’d like to see something like a wearable temperature sensor – Maybe an Adafruit Gemma with a smart pixel or two? Something that I can swap between outfits. Babies can’t indicate well when they’ve got cold feet.

And also, more importantly, the climate control for each room of this place is a heat/AC unit that can only blow a certain temp at a certain speed until the power goes out or the sun explodes. I’d like to add some brains, like an arduino with a temp sensor and a pair of servos for the climate control knobs. Going to mock it up on the codeshield 😉 If I get really ambitious, I’d like to network the rooms together with a web interface somehow…